The Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union is the largest trade union organising textile and clothing workers. It also organises footwear, leather and retail workers.

SACTWU’s membership is approximately 66% female, most of whom are of child bearing age and as such, form part of the economically active population that is the hardest hit by the HIV pandemic.

The Worker Health Program was started in 1998 as a worker education program and has evolved into a comprehensive program providing the full continuum of care.

SACTWU policy statement on HIV/AIDS

“As a trade union, we recognise that HIV/AIDS is a major challenge in our society. We have the challenge to launch an education programme to contribute to reducing and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, provide counselling to members who are HIV positive, that will assist them in adapting their lives, and to live positively; and educate workers and the rest of society to ensure that those who are HIV positive are not stigmatised and that we produce a caring supportive environment for HIV positive people, at the workplace, in the union and in the wider society.”

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